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It has been said that we are spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. And I believe this to be true. But have you ever thought about how temporary your human experience might actually be?

While this may sound depressing, it is actually meant to be quite the opposite. It is meant to inspire you to live your best life NOW so you can reach and unleash your full potential!

But let me ask you something. When you hear or read “700,000 hours” as a measurement of time, what comes to mind? I recently conducted an informal study of this very question. I asked my friends and family to try to translate that unit of time into something more relatable. How long did they think 700,000 hours was (without stopping to calculate it – just off the top of their head)? I asked them if it sounded like a long period of time or a relatively short period of time. Though their answers varied, one common theme stood out: most people felt that 700,000 hours seemed like a relatively short amount of time. Some thought it perhaps equaled one year, others said a few years and still others said around five years or so. Does this question have you wondering just how long 700,000 hours is???

Turns out that 700,000 hours is equal to 80 years.

Yup. 80 years! Think about it for a second. The average human life expectancy is around 80 years or only 700,000 hours! When you measure your human existence in terms of hours, it suddenly seems shockingly short! At 42, I have already lived over half of this timeframe so, in theory, I have less than 350,000 hours left to go (give or take a few thousand on either side, I suppose).  

Our lives are a gift, but they can also be shockingly short. I know it’s a cliche that people take life for granted, but it’s true. Most people do.

So, how can you maximize your human experience and live your best life, temporary though it may be?

I encourage you to live each day by the following 5 credos:

  1. Discover your dharma


In her book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, palliative nurse Bronnie Ware, tells us that the number one regret of the dying is that they wish they had had the courage to live their lives true to themselves, not the lives others expected of them. In other words, they wish they had had the courage to follow their dreams.

Each of us has a dharma, a purpose in life, and it is up to us to find out what that purpose is. In doing so, we will be able to truly fulfill our individual destinies and reach our full potential.

The majority of people never discover their true calling or have the courage to follow it if they do. Sadly, too many people die with their music still inside of them.

Don’t let that be you.

You must listen to your inner calling. Don’t ignore it! Let yourself be guided by God and don’t underestimate your intuition. Your intuition is your Source speaking to you, but too many of us think we are smarter than Source. We let our egos get the best of us and we let our egos rather than intuition lead the way.

If you have a burning desire, you must follow it. You must nurture it and give it room to grow and blossom. Fear stops people in their tracks time and time again. Fear of what others will think. Fear of failing. Fear of humiliation. Fear of not knowing if it will “work out”. But fear is nothing more than your ego telling you it is smarter than your Source. And as a Course in Miracles teaches us, fear is the opposite of love. Fear is the kiss of death to discovering your destiny and reaching your full potential.

To live a purpose-filled life, we must lead always with love and let love lead the way. Only then can we fulfill our destinies, reach our full potential, and live our best lives.

  1. Being a workaholic is NOT a prerequisite for success

In today’s society, hustling has become synonymous with success. “Hustle” has become today’s hottest mantra. If you've spent any amount of time browsing through online entrepreneurial or success sites, you've likely read countless tidbits extolling the virtues of hustling…

“Hustle until your haters ask if you're hiring.”

“Turn down your feelings, turn up your hustle.”

and, of course, “Good things come to those who hustle.”

At first blush, the hustle rhetoric seems harmless. After all, we all want to succeed! And, of course, hard work and dedication are a big part of building a business or a career, aren't they?

If you're like me, you probably grew up hearing about how success comes to those who put their nose to the grindstone. How life is a constant struggle and you need to stay focused and make the best of it. We're taught from a young age that work is SUPPOSED to be hard. My father used to tell me all the time “That's why they call it work and not play!” And that to reach the level of success you truly desire you must work long, exhausting hours to do so.

But what happens to people who buy into the idea of 24/7 hustle? Who work constantly and let stress, resentment, and negative energies build up in their bodies?

They get burnt out and they end up hating what they do, leaving them unfilled both professionally and personally.

In my book Give A Shift I discuss the fact that the hustle mindset is a consequence of a scarcity mindset. A reaction to the idea of constant competition, the idea that there is a finite amount of success available in the world and that those who don't work like crazy every day of the week will inevitably fall behind as others grab up the opportunities.

Total bullshift, if you ask me!

The truth is that there are an infinite number of opportunities available. Hell, you can even create your own! This idea of scarcity is exactly what's keeping most people locked up in their office and missing out on what the rest of life has to offer. Letting go off that mindset? It was one of the most liberating and freeing decisions of my life.

And now I have created the life I want by surrendering than hustling, by letting go rather than leaning in, and by discovering and using my Superpower to create any reality I wantand you can too!

  1. You become what you think about whether you know it or not

Oddly enough, thoughts are things most people never even think about. Strange, right? Human beings have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day and yet most people are totally unaware of the power of their thoughts and so do very little to guard them.

Rather, like many people, I had always let my thoughts control me. They came naturally, and I never considered the quality of my thoughts. I had never even thought to think about my thoughts. I believed my thoughts were mine alone, and that they stayed within the physical boundaries of my human head.

Because of this, and because of the competitive plane I existed on, I allowed myself to think anything I wanted without any knowledge of the implications. Sometimes, they were thoughts of envy or jealousy. Other times, it was criticism and judgment. Of course, good thoughts were there too: thoughts of love, happy and joyful thoughts, thankful thoughts. The problem was that every thought was random and just came and went at its leisure without any contemplation on my part at all.

But our thoughts are literally our Superpower. Our thoughts are like 3D printers in our subconscious minds printing out exactly what we put in.

You have—all of us have—a power so strong within us that it is literally like a magical force, like superpower quality! How cool is that? Yet how absolutely tragic it is that so few people even know they possess this superpower.?

Thoughts are vibratory impulses of energy and information. And, contrary to popular belief, these thought vibrations do not remain in your head. Rather, they are sent out into the universe as intentions, as your “wishes,” if you will. Thoughts control the entire vibratory quality of your being. They send out a vibratory signal and send back to you things that reside only on that same frequency.

And like with all waves—like sound waves and light waves—once thought waves have been created and transmitted out into the universe, you cannot take them back or change them. That would be equivalent to thinking that sounds waves could be reversed. Well, the same is true for thoughts. You cannot undo your thoughts or rewind them. You can, however, learn to control your thoughts, intentions, and feelings. And when you do, you can use your superpower to attract the means and methodologies you need to manifest all that you want in life, regardless of the years and decades of wrong thinking you may have had.

According to Charles Haanel in his book The Master Key System, “Thought is the plastic material with which we build images of our growing conception of life.” Thoughts, the energy waves that make up our thoughts, become building plans that manifest as reality. Legendary author Wallace Wattles said it perfectly: “As a man thinketh, so he becomes.” Try to grasp how utterly mind-blowing this is. Our thoughts literally control our destiny. And rather than this being some kind of wishful thinking, quantum physics is at the heart of it all. And though this is a gargantuan concept to understand, when you do understand it, it will be one of the most significant life-altering concepts you will ever come to know.

  1. You have the power to literally change the world

Let me explain how I can make such a bold claim. See, this is more than lip service. You literally have the power to impact and change the world because we all share one human consciousness.

Everything in life is made up of energy. Spiritual teachers have been teaching us this for thousands of years and now science proves this to be so. As such, we are also made up of energy that merely appears as individual forms. But our energy interacts with everyone else’s energy. And it doesn’t just and not only interacts with it but also impacts it. This is really powerful because it literally means we can live from higher and higher states of consciousness and raise the consciousness of those around usour friends, family, and communitysimply by raising our own!

One way we can continuously raise our consciousness is through meditation. In fact,

one form of meditation I practice twice a day for 20 minutes is Transcendental Meditation (TM). It’s been proven that TM can and does impact the planet at large. The “Maharishi Effect” is the term that refers to the fact that individual consciousness actually impacts our collective consciousness, and a large number of studies have been undertaken to prove this theory.

One such study was conducted in Washington, DC, in the early 1990s by quantum physicist John Hagelin. At this time, DC was riddled with excessive crime. The goal of the study was to show that if enough people practiced TM together twice a day, it would have a significant impact on criminal behavior. The hypothesis was met with much skepticism by many prominent professionals. However, much to the amazement of many, there was an unprecedented 23 percent reduction in crime during this time. There’s a practice called “Yogic Flying” which involves high brainwave coherence, and studies on this phenomenon have shown that 7000 individuals practicing it together can actually reduce violent and negative trends on a GLOBAL scale!

When we raise our own consciousness, we can literally transform the world!

  1. Nourish your body like your life depends on itbecause it does

Our physical bodies are miracles.  Even though they are temporary, they are miraculous. There are 6 trillion reactions happening in our bodies per second. Per second! And each one knows what the others are doing. Our cells dance in a perfectly choreographed arrangement all day, every day without any effort on our part at all. So, even though we are spiritual beings having a temporary human existence, our physical bodies are our soul’s temple, (at least for the time being).

We must take care of and protect these temples as if they are sacred and holy which they are.

When one part of our basic functions becomes disturbed, the entire being becomes disrupted. 

Most of us tend to take our bodies for granted, expecting them to just work perfectly without giving it much thought, until they suddenly experience a sickness, disease, or other illness.  Too many people beat up their bodies up year after year after year, and seem to have no regard for the miracle their physical body actually is.

My friend and mentor, Joe Polish sums it up perfectly. He always says:

“If you owned a million dollar race horse, would you feed it garbage and not exercise it properly? No, you would provide the very best of everything to keep the horse in optimal condition.”

The same is true of us. To operate at peak performance and become all we were meant to be, we must treasure our bodies and revere the miraculous wonders they are.

After all, these bodies don’t last forever, right? So to live your best life, follow these 5 credos every day so you can make the most of your own 700,000 hours.