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The Real “Holy Water”

The Real “Holy Water”

Did you know that June 8 was World Oceans Day? According to, this day was dedicated to “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean.”

I refer to the ocean as my love potion. (I think that I first heard Dr. Dyer coin this phrase and it has stuck with me ever since!)

The ocean has always been a source of healing to me. It draws me in like a magnet: I live near the ocean, I vacation on the ocean, I need the ocean.

And I’m not the only one.

As a matter of fact, we all need the ocean. Life on earth would not exist without it,  yet we as humans give it such little regard that we are all but destroying it at an alarming rate. In fact, I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t realize how badly I was contributing to the problem until recently.

Did you know that approximately 16 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year, according to Science Magazine?

That’s right, plastic. Something we have all grown up depending on. Something that is as ubiquitous to our everyday lives as watching television or brushing our teeth. Something we use in so many ways each day, without even thinking about it. And something that, while making our lives easier or more comfortable, has sickened our planet — in particular, our oceans, and the plants and animals that call it home.

The ocean covers over 70% of our earth’s surface. Its vastness is almost too great to comprehend. The majority of marine life, nearly 90%, has yet to be discovered or explored. And yet, garage patches in the earth’s oceans are growing at an astonishing rate.

These garbage patches collect in what are called the five gyres; five distinct areas in the earth’s oceans. According to National Geographic, a gyre is a large circular area of stationary, calm water. Picture a gyre as basically a swirling vortex created by the underlying currents of the water. While there are many smaller gyres across the globe, the five major ones reside in the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Because of the currents underneath the surface of the water, the calm water on top, and diminished winds, garbage and debris are drawn into the gyres and can stay there for years, even decades, building up over time.

The largest garbage patch is in the North Pacific Ocean located between Hawaii and California. It is often called the Pacific trash vortex or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It was first discovered in 1997 by oceanographer Charles Moore when he was sailing from Hawaii to back to California. He noted that “In the week it took to cross the subtropical high, no matter what time of day I looked, plastic debris was floating everywhere: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments.” This patch is now said to be three times larger than France!.

And this problem? It is only getting worse.

One reason for this is that people underestimate the severity of the situation, especially if they live inland away from the coast. Studies have shown, however, that inland plastics tend to wind up in our oceans anyway, making their way into rivers and streams and eventually being carried to the seas.

Another reason is that people put too much faith in recycling. Recycling, while a fantastic concept, often has severe limitations in practice that many of us are unaware of. The cost of recycling plastic is expensive and, without a profitable market in which to sell the recycled plastic, most recycling companies don’t even recycle it. Instead, they sell it to developing nations who in turn, don’t recycle the plastic either.

Many people also claim that they themselves don’t see any floating plastic and therefore conclude that it must not really be as big of a problem as reported. This is also a flawed premise. Aside from the vast masses of plastic that collect at the water’s surface, wind, waves, and other movement convert larger plastic material into microplastics which can be smaller than a grain of rice.

Good news, right? Wrong.

Plastic never “goes away.” It stays in landfills or oceans indefinitely. Just because the material changes into smaller particles doesn’t make it any less harmful to life on earth. Why? Because microplastics are either consumed by marine life or settle into ecosystems below, often destroying or severely impacting the marine life that makes these ecosystems their home. These smaller plastic particles are often called the smog of the ocean, if that gives you an idea of how unhealthy they are!

But enough of the problem. Let’s focus on the solution. As Mother Teresa said when she was asked to march in opposition to the war in Vietnam: “I will never take part in an anti-war rally but when you decide to have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

I have adopted that philosophy in my own life as well, bringing my attention and focus to what I want rather than what I don’t want. Remember, what you focus on expands, whether you know it or not; whether you want it to or not.

In this case, I want clean oceans, so let’s turn our attention there!

Green Ocean Wave

1. Reduce Your Use

The #1 thing we can do is to reduce the amount of plastic we use or buy. This was the most significant change I made once I learned of the devastating impact that single-use plastics have on our oceans. I now shop at stores that offer a paper bag option and use reusable bags whenever I can. Instead of relying on plastic sandwich bags, I reach for tupperware, especially when it comes to my children’s school lunches. This helps to teach them the importance of re-use as well!

I am also more cognisant of the amount of plastic used in packaging, especially toy packaging. I can think of very few toys that truly need to be protected as though they were a Tiffany diamond! Not to mention, so many of these packages are nearly impossible to open — it’s just such a needless waste of plastic! These days, I try to choose products with little to no packaging.

Things like drink boxes with plastic straws destined for the garbage or snacks packaged individually in plastic wrappers have just about been removed from our consumption (and, as an added bonus, we’re often eating far more healthily as a result!).

Lastly, my family and I now all have reusable water bottles for both hot and cold beverages. Now, even our Starbucks run is garbage free!

2. Get involved!

Partnering with organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting the oceans is something else I am now committed to — and you can join me! I’ll even help you get started — check out Coastal Living's 11 Amazing Organizations Dedicated to Saving Our Oceans.

3. Focus on Progress Not Perfection

I have adopted a “progress not perfection” mindset so I can feel good about the changes I have made and will continue to make as I focus steadfastly on protecting one of the most valuable resources on earth. I am committed to doing all I can in order to continue to bathe in the beauty of the oceans, my love potion, for years to come. Maybe it seems daunting to you, to make so many changes at once. Trust me, I get it!  But remember: you don’t have to be perfect, or 100% consistent, 100% of the time.

You just need to take the first step.

Why Doing LESS Can Actually Help You Achieve MORE

Why Doing LESS Can Actually Help You Achieve MORE

We all have goals.

We have dreams. We have desires.

We have an idea of where we are — and where we want to go.

Which leads us to the million dollar question: why don’t most people achieve what they set out to do? Why do so many people fall short of living the life they want to live, or becoming all they know they can be … all they know they were meant to be?

When trying to reach their goals, people tend to rely on two main strategies:

  1. Hustling as hard as they can — long hours, no weekends, 100% focus
  2. Trying to coerce the universe into giving them what they want by demanding it through The Law of Attraction

Unfortunately, both of these methods are severely flawed. Why? Let’s take a closer look.


Of the two methods above, this is the camp that I fell into.Growing up in middle-class America, I was taught to “lean-in” even before it was a thing. I was raised to compete fiercely for corporate positions, to strive for the highest levels of success, and to cultivate a hard-core work ethic. While I did manage to build a successful agency, I certainly didn’t feel fulfilled!

My problem was that I based my value on external success, but I was never able to reach a level of success that made me happy. Every promotion I got, every raise I earned, every new account I landed, every accolade I was given – they only made me look ahead to the next milepost. I felt like I had to work even harder than before to get to the next goal.

So, I worked 12-hour days. I traveled a LOT. I worked through my weekends. Hell, I even brought my laptop on vacations and worked from the beach. The crazy part? I thought that I was doing this for my family, even though doing this took me AWAY from my family. Sure, I told myself that it would all be worth it one day, but look at what I was missing in the meantime!

The constant hustle method? I can tell you from experience — it’s exhausting!

This brings us to second method …

The Law of Attraction

Many people try to achieve their goals by attempting to put this “law” to work in their own lives, only to find themselves coming up short time and time again.

But why? Is it the law itself that is flawed? Or is the problem in how people try to use it?

It’s both, actually.

In many ways, this method is the exact opposite of hustling.

Proponents of this method often have it very much confused — but not exactly their fault. We’re all taught to believe that all we have to do is make a wish upon a star and  — poof — our desires will magically manifest into reality.

It sounds lovely, right?

Unfortunately, thing aren’t so simple. When people attempt this method and their wishes fail to come true, they’re left feeling worse than before.

Don’t misunderstand me — while this specific method is ineffective, visualization is still a valuable and crucial practice. Thoughts really do become things, but there’s always action associated with those thoughts and that’s usually the missing element here.

This simplified “Law of Attraction” approach is just a misunderstanding of how the process really works. I'ts a misunderstanding that leads to people trying to force their desires into reality through manipulating the universe, Source Energy, God, whatever name you have for it.

And this will never ever work.

The underlying truth behind this law is rooted deeply in both spirituality and science, something that many of the mass manifestors of today know virtually nothing about. Their misunderstanding leads to misuse, which ultimately leads to nothing at all — rather than everything they wish for.

So, these are the two methods that people fall back on when trying to achieve their goals.

Method 1 involves working a gajillion hours a week and missing out on life along the way, while method 2 involves nothing more than wishful thinking…

BOTH stem from the scarcity mentality.

BOTH are rooted in control and force.

BOTH are rooted in fear.

BOTH are driven by the ego rather than the spirit.

The truth? It’s turns out, God has far greater plans for us than we can ever know, but too many people never know what they might be.

Because they’re not paying attention.

Most people allow their egos to drive their actions. They allow their egos to control their path. More importantly, to control their destiny.

Most people’s egos are yelling so loudly that they can’t hear their souls speaking them. They can’t feel the gentle guidance of Divine love because they are pushing as hard as possible through force. And then they let fear drive most of their decisions.

Instead, we must learn how to quiet the chit-chat of our own internal dialog and let the Source speak to us and through us. We must stop paddling upstream as hard as we can. We must stop thinking we are smarter than God.

When we do this, our intuition kicks into high gear -- and it is this intuition which is your Divine guidance system. The guidance system that you will learn to listen to and to trust.Click To Tweet

The guiding system that will take you where you are meant to be.

The actions you take will be based in love, not fear; in abundance, not scarcity; in spirit, not ego.

And it is only through this process that you will ultimately become all you were meant to be. You will achieve greatness by giving up control and instead giving into divine guidance. You will accomplish MORE by forcing LESS.

When you do this, ideas and inspiration will become crystal clear. You will be compelled to take meaningful and purposeful action towards the expansion of your life and your potential.

And this will take you so much further than you can ever get by hustling or relying on the Law of Attraction. In sum, you will become the very best version of yourself you can ever possibly be.

So … which strategy do you choose?

The Real Reason to Ditch the Hustle Lifestyle!

The Real Reason to Ditch the Hustle Lifestyle!

Hustling: It’s become the new “it” word in our culture. The word that “cool people” use to describe their work ethic — you know the ones. The entrepreneurs. The boss babes. It’s the hippest new verb to describe not only the way you work but the way you LIVE.

You know what I am talking about. Hustle is now a LIFESTYLE. You’ve heard the rhetoric:

“Embrace your hustle. Embrace the struggle.”

“Good things happen to those who hustle.”

“My entire life can be summed up in four words: I hustled. I conquered. ”

“The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.”

“Hustle in silence and let your success make the noise.”

You get the idea…

Somewhere along the way, we have gotten it all wrong.

On the surface, these slogans and inspirational quotes seem harmless, even helpful. After all, we all appreciate some motivation. But beyond the hype, the hustle lifestyle carries unintended consequences.

Let me explain.

The current use of the word hustle, especially when it comes to business, refers to an individual determined to succeed at ALL costs. People who put achievement above all else in their life. Individuals who are determined to create as much external material evidence of their accomplishments as possible.

In contrast, those who don’t hustle have been incorrectly labeled as weak, unwilling to work hard, unambitious, passive, and willing to settle for mediocrity, among other things.

And hustlers? Well, they want everyone to know about it.

I know this because, for two and a half decades, I HUSTLED my ass off! I was the epitome of a hustler. I wore this badge of honor proudly for everyone to see. And, in the event they could not see it for themselves, I somehow always managed to let them know, just in case…

I worked day-in and day-out, hustling to get ahead, hustling to get to the top, hustling to be the best, hustling to win, hustling for recognition, and hustling to chase every dollar I could.

Did it work? I suppose that depends on how you define “work”.

Yes, I did achieve a measure of success. I climbed corporate ladders and built up my own very successful agency.

But I was rarely satisfied, at least for the long term.

Each time I succeeded, the gratification I felt left quickly and I was onto my next quest. What I have come to learn is that success gained on the competitive plane of existence is fleeting and hustling is all about competing.Click To Tweet

I always tried to justify how long I worked, or how often I was away from my family, telling myself over and over again that one day … someday … it would all be worth it.

Hell, like all hustlers, I even pretended to love how much I worked. I said this over and over again to myself, so often that I even started to believe it on some level. That’s what hustling is all about, isn’t it?

But this is total and complete bullshift.

The truth is, the hustling lifestyle? The one that’s been built up as the epitome of success? It sucks!! And now, because of what I’ve learned over the past years, I’m not afraid to say it!

Why are we so obsessed with this unfulfilling lifestyle? Because we have a warped view about what hustling is and we have come to glorify it in every way.

But hustling is NOT directly correlated with success. It is NOT even necessarily correlated with achievement or accomplishment. It is not correlated with lasting happiness, joy, enthusiasm, and passion in one’s life. Hustling has nothing to do with realizing your dreams or your goals.

And it certainly is not indicative of one’s work ethic, passion, and determination!

Yet, we’ve all been duped into believing that that’s exactly what hustling means, right? That those who hustle the hardest succeed the most.  That only those willing to sacrifice everything else will win the biggest prizes. Those who claw and scratch, bulldozing over anything or anyone in their way make it to the top, and that that’s something to be revered, something to be commended!

In fact, what I have realized is that those who hustle, those who brag loudest about how much and how hard they hustle:

  • Have a scarcity mindset
  • Are paranoid about losing
  • Are afraid of competition
  • Have something to prove to themselves and others
  • Are motivated by fear
  • Are terrified of failing
  • Base their value and self-worth on external success

What does this all really mean? That those who hustle most actually lack the most self-confidence. Looking back, I can see that this is exactly where my need to hustle came from as well.

I was horribly bullied in middle school and, as a result, I felt worthless. I believed that the only way to reclaim my sense of self was to become “better” than everyone else. I thought that my external success would validate my worth. And so, for two and a half decades, I hustled to win at everything. I had something to prove–to the bullies, to society, and most of all myself. But hustling doesn’t make it all go away. It just forces us to bury whatever we are trying to run from deeper and deeper.

Since then, I have learned to have the courage to say “To Hell With The Hustle!” I have come to discover a new way, a far more enjoyable way to create the life I really wanted all along, a life bigger and better and more abundant than I could ever imagine, without hustling!

Learning to say “To Hell With The Hustle” was the #1 way I was able to go from Stressed To Blessed and get ANYTHING I want...Click To Tweet

Of course, opting out of the hustle is the first step, but not the only step.

It was the work I did on the INSIDE that mattered most.

I have been able to go from working 80 hours a week to less than 20, doing what I love and serving others (and never on weekends or vacations). My time is spent with the people I WANT to see … not the people I HAVE to see.. I have discovered my purpose and live with more passion and freedom than I ever thought was possible.

And you can, too.

But first, you must have the courage to look deep within yourself and identify why you feel the need to hustle in the first place: What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to prove it to? What void are you trying to fill? What’s fueling your hustle? You then need to make a commitment to create significant changes in your life. Finally, you need clarity about what you really want your life to look like, and focus all of your energies and passions there. And when you do? You will be on your way to creating a lifestyle filled with the prosperity and freedom you crave.

The time has come for us to redefine what success looks like and to say To Hell With The Hustle, once and for all.

Destiny Fulfilled: The 4-Part Process to Unlocking Your Creative Powers

Destiny Fulfilled: The 4-Part Process to Unlocking Your Creative Powers

You’ve heard the phrase, “Ask and you shall receive”, right?

How about similar phrases, such as “Thoughts become things” and “What you focus on expands”?

While these statements are all based on truth, people often get stuck when trying to live by them. You may have tried to put them into practice in your own life, only to find yourself wondering why you are not receiving what you have asked for. Many people, at this point, will either give up on the process entirely or keep trying to no avail. In either case, they wind up falsely believing that these statements just aren’t true.

But they are; they just haven’t discovered their trick yet.

Why? Because while each of these statements are absolutely true in essence, there are nuances hidden within them that will either aid or hinder the realization of your desires. It’s not the statements themselves that are either true or false. It is how they are practiced and applied that really matters.

Let’s examine the 4 essential elements in this creative process.

STEP 1: Ask

“Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be open to you.”

— Matthew 7:7.

This is probably the most widely known step in the process — and with good reason! All manifestation begins with recognizing what you want and then asking for it. Every thought vibration you have has contained within it all of the essential elements to bring that desire into your physical reality. It is an absolute law of the universe, supported by quantum physics. This is where the phrase “What you focus on expands” makes the most sense. Scientifically speaking, it is more accurate to say “What you focus on creates something out of nothing,” meaning that each of us can turn a vibrational thought, or wave of energy, into an actual particle in the physical sense.

Asking can be looked at in two different (and complementary) ways. The first is to be crystal clear about what it is that you desire. But the second is recognizing what you don’t want and then asking for the opposite.

Our world is made up of contrast. Up, down. Hot, cold. Right, left. And, in the same token, the contrast of what you don’t want and therefore what you do want. It’s okay to recognize the negative thing you are witnessing or experiencing, as long as you don’t get hung up on it and focus on the unwanted thing over and over. Rather, use the unwanted thing to help you become clear about what you do want — and focus on that instead.

Spend five minutes in quiet meditation with your eyes closed thinking about your desires. Allow yourself to also recognize the things you don’t want so you can replace these unwanted things with opposite, wanted desires.

What I want >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What I don’t want











STEP 2: Align

“Love and gratitude are the soil. We must create fertile soil with love and gratitude. Then we must plant seeds. Seeds are the asking and the visualizing. Then you must have faith and patience waiting for your crops to grow.”

— Kevin Donahue

In order to start to see your desires begin to appear in your physical reality, you need to have alignment with your inner being. You must learn to quiet your ego so you can hear your intuition, the non-physical part of you — speaking to you and guiding you in the right direction.

A great way to align with your source is by practicing deliberate appreciation. Appreciation is a natural byproduct of alignment; when you are in a state of appreciation, you are naturally in alignment with your source.

One way to get into a state of appreciation is through the “Groundswell of Appreciation” exercise. Spend 5–10 minutes jotting down all that you appreciate. Try to be specific here. Rather than say “my children,” think about specifically what it is you appreciate most about them. Perhaps their humor or the color of their eyes or the empathy they show to others. If it is something in nature, what specially do you appreciate about the thing you are thinking of. Rather than just “The beach,” perhaps it’s the sound of the waves or the beauty of the shells or the way the warm sand feels beneath your toes. Also look within yourself and begin to notice the things you love and appreciate about yourself both physically and non-physically. You get the idea. Now go for it and have fun!

Groundswell of Appreciation










STEP 3: Attract

I learned the following quote from a mentor of mine who reminded me to repeat this phrase often:

“I am in the flow of these divine gifts as I am a perfect unique expression of the divine.”

This reinforces the principle that we are all individual expressions of the invisible intelligence that created the entire universe, something we must remember throughout this creative process.

During this step, you will be so tuned in to your vibrational essence and source that you will begin to notice your internal being guiding you in very clear directions. Your intuition will be kicked into high gear and you will start to take deliberate action based on this fine-tuned guidance system. You will begin doing things that you haven’t done before. You will stop doing other things that have taken up your effort and energy in the past.

People, events, circumstances, and situations will all come into your life at the right time, seemingly like magic, and you will begin to notice them and offer even greater appreciation for them — thus strengthening your alignment to your own internal source.

You will then start to take action based on these people, events, circumstances, and situations and allow your own internal guidance system and your intuition to guide you day in and day out, as you will not be able to ignore its pull. It will be these actions that will ultimately produce your desired results.


Notice your intuition getting stronger and stronger. Notice how ideas, circumstances, and people are coming to you to aide in the manifestation of your desires. The more you notice these things the stronger your intuition will become. Take a few minutes every day to jot down either intuitive thoughts you have had or circumstances that have presented themselves to you for you to act upon:

Intuitive Thoughts/Ideas Special Circumstances/Events











STEP 4: Allow

“The Tao does nothing but leaves nothing undone.”

— Opening line in the 37th verse of the Tao Te Ching.

In this final step, begin to pay attention to the evidence of your desires, no matter how small they are in the beginning. You will start to notice the synchronicity of things falling into place in your life. You will also notice things you think about appearing in your life. Perhaps a friend you thought of suddenly calls your or reaches out to you. Perhaps something you are thinking about suddenly appears on the TV. Maybe the type of car you really want seems to suddenly appear everywhere you look! Once you pay attention to these things you will find yourself noticing them more and more of the and then they will start to get bigger and bigger.

Jot these things down on the lines below:











Congratulations — you have learned how to you’ve tapped into a never-ending expanding creative process of asking and receiving!

Your desires will grow and change over time as previous ones become realized. You will continue to experience contrast in your life, and become more adept at identifying what you want, as well as what you don’t want.

You will continue to strengthen your alignment to source energy and be in a greater and greater state of appreciation. This will, in turn, make it easier for you to simply allow the creative process to take place in its own time. Soon enough, you will acquire your desires in your physical reality! It’s a beautiful cycle of desire, passion, and fulfillment — a lifelong cycle that sustains mind, body, and soul.

And it’s yours for the taking, if you want it.

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