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Chances are you've heard the term “God-conscious” before. It’s used throughout spiritual, religious, and even some scientific teachings. But even if you’ve heard it before, have you ever stopped to think about what it really means?

First of all, I believe God-consciousness is a way of life. In fact, it’s something I deliberately strive for each and every day. It has become the barometer for my actions every day. Second, I believe it is a state of being that gets stronger every day. Third, I do not believe it is a destination that is ever actually reached. Rather, I view it as a path, something I walk towards but never reach. Reaching it would imply an end and God has no beginning nor an end.

But even if we can’t get there, it’s still a way of life worth pursuing for everyone and it’s blessings become the miracles that show up time and again.

The Tao Te Ching teaches us that there are four virtues to live from and Lao Tzu promises that if you live your life according to them you will be living a God-conscious life.

Simply stated, the four virtues of the Tao are:

  1. Reverence for all of life. This includes all plants, animals, and people. We must revere all life forms and see all life as expressions of God. When you do this, you instantly remove all forms of judgment from your life which blocks the flow of the Divine Spirit from coming to you. Live from a place of unconditional love for all life, including yourself.
  2. Virtue of gentleness. This virtue is all about being kind to everyone and everything. Kindness, gentleness, and love are at the heart of this second virtue. And when you live a God-conscious life, you will always put gentleness and kindness above all else. This means letting go of false beliefs your ego wants you to hold onto, beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad, and so on. There is no room for being right when you live from a place of gentleness so when you have the choice to be right or kind, always choose kind.
  3. Simplicity. This virtue teaches us to be true to ourselves. Live from a place of authenticity. Don’t try to be someone you are not, and at the same time be the person you say you are; don’t be a phony. Walk the walk and talk the talk.
  4. Service. This virtue teaches us to put giving and serving at the heart of everything we do. Each day, you must ask, “How may I serve?” And when you do so without expectation of reward, you are living from your highest self, and the Universe will respond by saying, “How may I serve you?”

If you look closely at all four virtues, and what it means to live a God-conscious life, it all boils down to one essential element: always choose love over fear. To live a God-conscious life according to the four cardinal virtues you must let go of your ego, your false sense of self, and connect to your true authentic nature, your Divine source, your Spirit. And when you are connected to Source Energy, you become what I like to say is a magnet for miracles! In fact, true God-conscious people actually become miracle workers themselves! They can create and manifest virtually anything they want. As Joel Goldsmith said, “In the presence of the God-realized, the laws of the material world do not apply.”

I encourage you each day to be mindful of these four virtues and live your life according to them. I promise you that when you do, your life will be overflowing with blessings!

I would love to hear what you think it means to live a God-conscious life or about how you incorporate the four virtues into your own life.

Sending much love and gratitude from me to you.