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Growing up, my father was an avid gardener. He planted everything from peppers and cucumbers to beans and peas. But his prized crop was always his tomatoes. I remember eating them right off the vine, still warm from basking in the sunshine.

And now that I have my own home, I have tried to carry on his tradition. I do not have room for a garden as big as his so I have taken to try to replicate my dad’s tomatoes. I have been at it for a few years now, though barely coming close to his crops. My plants tend to produce only a handful of red tomatoes rather than by the bushel full like his. Mine are usually small in size, not the size of oranges or grapefruits like his. And mine have lacked the sweet flavor bursting in my mouth like his did. That is, until now.

For the first time ever my tomato plants are flourishing! They are bursting with fruit and I have already harvested my first handful of red tomatoes. They are large and round. But most importantly, their flavor. Oh! Their flavor! They have taken me right back to my childhood.

So what’s the difference? Why now? Why this crop? What have I done differently?

Well, in a sense both nothing, yet everything. Where they are located, how often I water them, and the basics like that have remained the same. But this year I have added one secret, magic ingredient: LOVE. That’s right, love.

Each day, I talk to my plants, I tell them I love them and I tell them how grateful I am for them. I mean, think about it: The Divine, Source Energy, God, whichever you choose to call it, has given us these amazing plants that magically produce fruit (or vegetables) that we can just pluck off their vines and eat. What a miracle! And so I tell my plants this, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has been the difference maker.

Think I am kidding? Studies have proven that saying I love you can have a tremendous impact on whatever you are saying it to. Check out these two videos on YouTube that illustrate this point: and

So let your love show, to whatever and whomever you want. Not only will it make you feel better but you will know that it is actually benefiting the person or thing on the receiving end.

Sending much love and gratitude,