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We all have goals.

We have dreams. We have desires.

We have an idea of where we are — and where we want to go.

Which leads us to the million dollar question: why don’t most people achieve what they set out to do? Why do so many people fall short of living the life they want to live, or becoming all they know they can be … all they know they were meant to be?

When trying to reach their goals, people tend to rely on two main strategies:

  1. Hustling as hard as they can — long hours, no weekends, 100% focus
  2. Trying to coerce the universe into giving them what they want by demanding it through The Law of Attraction

Unfortunately, both of these methods are severely flawed. Why? Let’s take a closer look.


Of the two methods above, this is the camp that I fell into.Growing up in middle-class America, I was taught to “lean-in” even before it was a thing. I was raised to compete fiercely for corporate positions, to strive for the highest levels of success, and to cultivate a hard-core work ethic. While I did manage to build a successful agency, I certainly didn’t feel fulfilled!

My problem was that I based my value on external success, but I was never able to reach a level of success that made me happy. Every promotion I got, every raise I earned, every new account I landed, every accolade I was given – they only made me look ahead to the next milepost. I felt like I had to work even harder than before to get to the next goal.

So, I worked 12-hour days. I traveled a LOT. I worked through my weekends. Hell, I even brought my laptop on vacations and worked from the beach. The crazy part? I thought that I was doing this for my family, even though doing this took me AWAY from my family. Sure, I told myself that it would all be worth it one day, but look at what I was missing in the meantime!

The constant hustle method? I can tell you from experience — it’s exhausting!

This brings us to second method …

The Law of Attraction

Many people try to achieve their goals by attempting to put this “law” to work in their own lives, only to find themselves coming up short time and time again.

But why? Is it the law itself that is flawed? Or is the problem in how people try to use it?

It’s both, actually.

In many ways, this method is the exact opposite of hustling.

Proponents of this method often have it very much confused — but not exactly their fault. We’re all taught to believe that all we have to do is make a wish upon a star and  — poof — our desires will magically manifest into reality.

It sounds lovely, right?

Unfortunately, thing aren’t so simple. When people attempt this method and their wishes fail to come true, they’re left feeling worse than before.

Don’t misunderstand me — while this specific method is ineffective, visualization is still a valuable and crucial practice. Thoughts really do become things, but there’s always action associated with those thoughts and that’s usually the missing element here.

This simplified “Law of Attraction” approach is just a misunderstanding of how the process really works. I'ts a misunderstanding that leads to people trying to force their desires into reality through manipulating the universe, Source Energy, God, whatever name you have for it.

And this will never ever work.

The underlying truth behind this law is rooted deeply in both spirituality and science, something that many of the mass manifestors of today know virtually nothing about. Their misunderstanding leads to misuse, which ultimately leads to nothing at all — rather than everything they wish for.

So, these are the two methods that people fall back on when trying to achieve their goals.

Method 1 involves working a gajillion hours a week and missing out on life along the way, while method 2 involves nothing more than wishful thinking…

BOTH stem from the scarcity mentality.

BOTH are rooted in control and force.

BOTH are rooted in fear.

BOTH are driven by the ego rather than the spirit.

The truth? It’s turns out, God has far greater plans for us than we can ever know, but too many people never know what they might be.

Because they’re not paying attention.

Most people allow their egos to drive their actions. They allow their egos to control their path. More importantly, to control their destiny.

Most people’s egos are yelling so loudly that they can’t hear their souls speaking them. They can’t feel the gentle guidance of Divine love because they are pushing as hard as possible through force. And then they let fear drive most of their decisions.

Instead, we must learn how to quiet the chit-chat of our own internal dialog and let the Source speak to us and through us. We must stop paddling upstream as hard as we can. We must stop thinking we are smarter than God.

When we do this, our intuition kicks into high gear -- and it is this intuition which is your Divine guidance system. The guidance system that you will learn to listen to and to trust.Click To Tweet

The guiding system that will take you where you are meant to be.

The actions you take will be based in love, not fear; in abundance, not scarcity; in spirit, not ego.

And it is only through this process that you will ultimately become all you were meant to be. You will achieve greatness by giving up control and instead giving into divine guidance. You will accomplish MORE by forcing LESS.

When you do this, ideas and inspiration will become crystal clear. You will be compelled to take meaningful and purposeful action towards the expansion of your life and your potential.

And this will take you so much further than you can ever get by hustling or relying on the Law of Attraction. In sum, you will become the very best version of yourself you can ever possibly be.

So … which strategy do you choose?